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Free Range Milk

18 January 2017

Free Range Milk

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware about where their produce comes from, the story behind it and that the producer gets a fair price.

What about the milk you get? Do you know where it comes from and what kind of deal does the farmer and his cows get? Well, at Cotteswold Dairy, we maintain a close relationship with the farmers that supply us with Milk.

Many people think that all cows live in fields. However less cows now enjoy the freedom to graze on lush pastures and big dairies mix their milk from hundreds of farms, denying consumers the chance to choose the provenance of their milk? We want our customers to know that Milk is not all the same!

Cotteswold Dairy is here to offer you that choice and add real value. We work in partnership with our local farmers and have partnered with the Free Range Dairy Network. The Pasture Promise is independently certified to provide a clear assurance that cows are free to graze in fields for at least 180 days a year. This gives it a great natural taste too, and our Free Range whole milk was awarded accreditation from the Great Taste Awards 2016.

Our Free Range whole milk is not homogenised giving a naturally creamy taste. This is known to be better for texturing, giving excellent foam stability which is perfect for lattes and cappuccinos.

Choose Free Range Milk to demonstrate your commitment to keeping cows in fields and keeping traditional British dairy farms in business and taste the difference.

The Free Range Dairy Pasture Promise logo is the only logo that certifies milk as Free Range, from cows put out to pasture for at least 180 days of the year. So if its not on there, its not Free Range!

Free Range milk will feature on the new series of Jamie & Jimmys Friday Night Feast, Channel 4 at 8pm on the 20th January - see their views on it!

Free Range Dairy Network and Pasture Promise free range milk has been given a starring role in the episode. There has been an interview with Neil of Free Range Dairy Network, the farmers, Jones Bros a well as a milk float with the logo and free range milk handing the milk out to passers-by. Jamie is going to promote the #Iwantpasturepromise on the show to get people to put pressure on retailers to start stocking Pasture Promise free range milk.

The show is watched by approx. 1.14 million people per episode and this is a great opportunity to get Free Range Dairy Network and the Pasture Promise label in front of a huge audience who watch and believe in Jamie Oliver and Jimmy food fight and the section will probably go in the A Food Fight Mission.

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